This page features Frame 286 of Ms. Telp's Classic-style frames. Click on a frame image to view its enlargement.
Frame 286


  • Water-gilded silver
  • Matte/burnishing
  • Partly tarnished
  • Inside dimension: 11 1/8" x 10"

Price: $270

Below is a custom treatment of this frame.

Before, as received by client (unknown German artist, 1920s; frame by Aaron Bros.).

After custom treatment.
Cross-sectional view of moulding (width 13/16"):
"A piece of art had surfaced in America, given to our family by relatives living in Europe. The framing of it, done by a commonly known American framing store chain, was performed aesthetically unsatisfactorily and with outright destructive measures to the 80-year old fragile paper of the drawing.
"So we commissioned Katja Telp to give the piece of art an appropriate frame.
Her expertise in European style, history of materials used, and sense of what should be done to enhance and save the art put us at ease. We could trust that our piece was in safe keeping, that our questions were answered and that our calls were returned promptly.
"Today, the drawing hangs in a European gallery-style frame plated with water gilded silver leaf, designed and hand crafted by Katja specifically for our piece.
Katja's professionalism and experience are to be complimented and admired for years to come."
~ Joe and Debbie Taylor, Manhattan Beach, California
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