This page features Frame 587-2 1/2 B of Ms. Telp's Modern-style frames. Click on a frame image to view its enlargement.
Frame 587-2 1/2 B


  • Water gilding, 23-ct. gold leaf
  • Matte/Burnishing
  • Three-dimensional ornaments
  • Inside dimension: 20 1/8" x 16 1/8"

Price: $600

With picture example by Edward Hopper.
Cross-sectional view of moulding
(width 2.5"):
"Only this large gold leaf frame with raised gold designs around the edges is powerful enough to 'catch' the rich colors in this print of one of my favorite paintings. Katja has a gorgeous way of choosing the right frame to match up with your favorite photo or print."
~ Lisa Dickerson, Manhattan Beach, California
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