This page features Frame 733-1 1/2 Hanson of Ms. Telp's Modern-style frames. Click on a frame image to view its enlargement.
Frame 733-1 1/2 Hanson


  • Water-gilding, 23-ct. gold leaf
  • Three-dimensional corner ornaments with powdered silver
  • Painting
  • Inside dimension: 15 1/4" x 11 3/4"

Price: $270

Following is a custom treatment of this frame, created for a painting by an unknown Tibetan artist.

Before, as received from client.

After custom-frame treatment.
Cross-sectional view of moulding (width 2"):
"A few years ago I returned from Tibet with a unique and difficult to find Thanka, which I hand carried on a trek throughout Tibet and back to the States.
"I entrusted it, miraculously intact and still pristine, to Katja to frame for me with no more instruction than to make it look beautiful and to keep in harmony with the style of the painting.
"What Katja created was utterly beyond anything I ever imagined. The hand made frame is painted in perfectly matching colors to the Thanka and gilded with gold, highlighted with painted accents copied from and, again, perfectly matching the painting. As it hangs on the wall it looks like one holistic piece of art rather than a painting in a frame.
"I am completely delighted at the creativity and expertise with which Katja cared for my precious Tibetan Thanka. I cannot recommend her more highly."
~ Hanson Hsu, Venice Beach, California
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