This page features Frame 210B of Ms. Telp's Whimsical-style frames. Click on a frame image to view its enlargement.
Frame 210B


  • Water-gilding, 23-ct. gold leaf
  • Three-dimensional Pastiglia ornaments
  • Paint
  • Inside dimension: 2" x 2"

Price: $55

With picture example by Katja Telp.
Cross-sectional view of moulding (width 5/8"):
"Katja's talents and creative vision are nothing short of brilliant. We are extremely impressed with her craftsmanship, her professionalism, and her timeliness. We'll forever cherish this very personal frame, which we've used to showcase a small, special work of art. And we definitely look forward to turning to her whenever we have one-of-a-kind pieces to honor in this way."
~ Shelley and Garrison Frost, Redondo Beach, California
Come back often. Or, better yet, see Ms. Telp's frames in person at her studio.
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