This page features Frame 230 Welcome of Ms. Telp's Whimsical-style frames. Click on the frame image to view its enlargement.
Frame 230 Welcome


  • Water gilding
  • Glass bead inlays
  • Three-dimensional Pastiglia writing
  • Matte/burnishing
  • Paint
  • Inside dimension: 3 5/8" x 2 6/8"

Price: $140

Picture example by Steve and Michell Babbitt.
Cross-sectional view of moulding
(width 5/8"):
"Katja, thanks for the awesome frame. The details are fantastic. It draws as many comments as the picture of the twin babies which it holds. We especially love the embedded stones and custom etchings. It is obviously one of a kind."
~ Steve and Michell Babbitt, Manhattan Beach, California
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