Katja Telp was born and raised in Germany. After school, she worked at a carpenter's workshop for a year. A two-and-a-half-year apprenticeship at an art conservator's studio followed, after which she was admitted to the Technical College for Art Conservation and Restoration in Hildesheim, Germany, specializing in Polychrome Wooden Sculptures and Paintings. After the regular nine semesters of training, both theoretical and practical, she graduated.

Ms. Telp worked at different conservation projects in Germany, some private, some government funded, until she got a job at the prestigious Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg. There, she conserved and restored numerous first class Gothic polychrome sculptures and altar pieces and participated in a large-scale exhibition about Gothic religious art.

Ms. Telp became known for her experience and expertise in medieval techniques used on the artifacts, and for her manual skills in the conservation process. After five years at the museum, she got married to her longtime American boyfriend and moved to the United States.

Missing the 500-year old sculptures she used to work on, she decided to use her knowledge and skills to create art in the same techniques medieval craftsmen used many centuries ago, techniques she had learned over 15 years of professional conservation in order to be able to restore medieval art appropriately.

Thus the idea was born to create picture frames, ennobled with the techniques of the European Middle Ages, including the intricate and extensive technique of water gilding, being the application of real gold or silver leafs. In addition to that, she again looked back to Italy of the 1400s, and added the three-dimensional technique called "Pastiglia" and one called "Sgraffito," where gold leaf is exposed beneath a layer of paint.

The combination of techniques and patterns give Ms. Telp endless possibilities for frame creations, not only classic but modern and playful.

Contact Ms. Telp to discuss the possibility of creating a unique frame of art of your very own.

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