Whether you are an individual collector or an interior designer seeking creative solutions, I invite you to contact me to find out how I can ennoble your special works of art.

I am interested in your ideas, visions and comments. Let's talk!

~ Katja Telp

Katja Telp in her studio
Custom Crafting
If you have a specific piece of art, photograph or painting you would like framed, I offer you my long experience and eye for the right type of frame that emphasizes and completes a piece of art without taking away from. For examples of custom frames, I invite you to view the following:

Presentation Options
Each frame comes with glass and backing. Let me know if you prefer a hook for wall installation or an easel-like backing for holding up the frame.

Each frame can be ordered in different sizes and dimensions. Please note that the moulding shape stays the same, so the proportions between frame width and picture might change. Prices are subject to change, depending on requested frame sizes.

Gold vs. Silver Leaf
Almost all frames can be done in both gold and silver leaf. Exceptions are those silver frames that are tarnished (gold as a chemically inert material does not tarnish, so that particular effect can not be achieved in gold). Instead, please consider the effect of combining both matte and burnished gold leaf as a subtle but elegant decor element (see Modern Gallery frame 587-2 1/2 B).

Frame Colors
The colors of the frames in Sgraffito technique can be changed to your taste, as well. If, for example, you don't like the green paint on Classic Gallery frame no. 593B, you can get it in blue or another color of your preference.

Other Fine Details
Patterns, techniques, glass inlays, glass colors, etc., can be changed or combined in different ways. We can discuss which combination best suits your picture, and I will create your personal frame.

Surface Materials
Most of the techniques can be applied on a wide variety of surfaces, like wood, plaster, and even stone.

If you have an existing frame in need of restoration, please contact me to discuss the possibilities. This is also one of my areas of specialization.

If you have any questions regarding additional options or points of customization, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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